Take an Online Writing Course and Make Money Fast As a Freelance Writer

Doesn’t it seem like you can’t throw a digital stick today without hitting somebody who’s talking about making money online? Just do a Google or YouTube search for almost anything and you’ll find a video or blog about a guy selling something on the web.

Why do you suppose this is? Well, because it’s a good idea. The truth is that the internet affords anyone with a desire and a little extra time the opportunity to create a real solid side income if they want it.

The trouble is, what do you do? How do you actually go about making money online? There’s no one right answer. It really depends on you. Do you have a talent that can be translated into something digital like a product, a video, a course or a website? It’s easy to get stumped here. The possibilities alone are daunting, aren’t they?

Freelance Writing – One of the Best Answers

One of the best ways to make money fast on the web is to become a freelance copywriter. It’s what this author has done and he does it full time. As long as you have a computer, a phone and an internet connection, you can begin freelance copywriting immediately, if you choose. There are many good reasons to choose this money making path which include:

  • The demand is enormous – there are literally millions of businesses all over the world clamoring for people with even entry-level writing skills to help them create content.
  • It’s easy to begin because you only need a desire and a high-school level of writing ability – at least at first
  • There are many websites already set up that you can use to find and connect with potential writing clients and they don’t cost a dime until you get paid.
  • A huge opportunity to grow both in experience and income
  • Some of the top copywriters make over $150 per hour!
  • The average copywriter can easily make $43,000 per year working part time. This information was gathered from statistics on payscale.com
  • There are many online writing courses that can help you boost your skills and show you how to really work the freelance writing system to make good money.

Take an Online Writing Course to Multiply Your Earnings
While all you need to get started as a freelance copywriter is a desire and basic grammar and formatting skills, there is more to learn. If you search the web, you’ll find hundreds of free and paid help that will guide you in becoming a better writer. However, what you really want to know is how to become a better paid writer.

After all, that’s the whole point, right? To make money online as a freelance copywriter. And you can. You can make more money than you ever thought possible. All you need is a little help getting started. A good online writing course is a great investment in your money making future. Here are some things you should look for in such a course:

  • Does the course actually teach you how to make money through a step by step process?
  • Is the course written by an author who has or is actually doing what he / she teaches?
  • Does the course address working the freelance sites like ODesk and Freelancer as well as teaching you how to get clients independently?
  • Does the course focus on honing your writing skills and giving you real world advice on how to be a better writer?
  • Does the course contain exercises that guide you and give you set goals to achieve?

Taking an online writing course or even several of them can really add to your success. There is no better education than learning something from someone who’s actually done it before you. After all, who wants to stumble along the road when you can use a map to find your way?

No matter which course you choose to purchase – and you should buy at least one because you do get what you pay for. Although there is plenty of free advice out there, the person who’s got something of true value should expect to be paid for it. Just as you will want to be paid when you begin your freelance writing career. Remember, practical education is a great investment, so take an online writing course, use the knowledge and go out there and make some real money in your spare time as a professional freelance copywriter. The benefits to your financial situation and your lifestyle are worth every penny and every moment!

Scott Cook has been an entrepreneur all of his adult life. Through his creation and management of several successful businesses, he’s used and improved his copywriting skills to not only make a living, but help countless other business people as well.

Now, he has compiled his knowledge and experience into a short but powerful eLearning course entitled “How to Make Money as a Freelance Copywriter.” This eBook will teach anyone who has the desire to write the most important skill of all – how to use this desire to actually make money. The book is not a course on how to write, but how to make money writing. If you have even a limited ability to write and are looking for a way to create extra money on the side or even grow it into a career, then you should check this course out today.

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