How To Stay Creative While Staying Safe From Coronavirus

How To Stay Creative While Staying Safe From Coronavirus

Something that we don’t often get out of life is a time to do absolutely nothing but sit at home. Busy schedules, work, and responsibilities can stop us from putting time and effort into things we find personally rewarding. Inventors tend to put off their ideas and creativity due to a lack of time in the day.

While many people are scratching their heads, wondering how to stay busy while stuck at home during the Coronavirus outbreak, many inventors can see this as a chance to finally put time into their invention idea. But how do you stay as creative as possible while at home while social distancing due to Coronavirus?

Stay Sharp with Brain Games & Activities

It can be tempting to spend most of your time stuck at home watching television or movies, but in order to stay creative, it’s important to do activities that keep your brain active! Brain games and activities can help maintain and improve cognitive function, memory, thinking and responsiveness. These activities might help your creativity while spending time at home.

Some activities include adult coloring books, playing an instrument, or meditation. When it comes to games, there are also several options. There are apps and websites dedicated to brain games to improve brain function. Lumosity, an app created by scientists and engineers, features brain training activities and games. Web-based activities not your thing? Or trying to reduce your screen time? Try something simple like a Rubik’s cube or puzzle.

Write Down Every Thought & Idea

Inventors tend to have many thoughts and ideas throughout the day, but it can be hard to remember to write them down with a busy schedule. Now that you have more time at your disposal, it’s time to start writing them all down. Yes, even the ones that may seem silly or pointless! You can always cross off any ideas that don’t work later on down the road, but it is better to save even the bad ideas than to risk losing the good ones.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to quickly write down any ideas you might have. Aside from the obvious, which includes keeping a pen and paper handy at all times, technology has given us more options than ever. Use an iPhone? Simply ask Siri to make a note for you. Have an Alexa in your home? Shout to her from across the room. You can also use apps like Evernote to optimize your note taking abilities while at home.

 Set Up a Workspace

A big issue for people working at home can be not having a proper workspace. If you’re lucky enough to have a home office or tool shed to create, you know how beneficial utilizing this space can be. By setting up a designated creative workspace, you’re going to be more likely to actually create an idea.

So, what do you do if you don’t have enough space in your home for an office or a garage to set up a work station? You’re stuck in your home, so you’ll need to work with the space that you have! One option is to clear out an area during the day for you to get creative. Move your coffee table to have space to create. Clear your kitchen table for a make-shift desk for sketching and designing. Remember that you can always put your space back together at the end of the day and making a simple change to give yourself a creative space can make a world of difference.

Make a Prototype from Things Laying Around the House

What happens if you have an invention idea and want to move forward, but can’t leave the house due to Coronavirus? Well, there are plenty of options for staying on top of things during this time. There are several different kinds of prototype models, but while stuck at home, consider a Frankenstein model.

A Frankenstein prototype model can be made from various household items. Once you have an idea, it can be beneficial to look through your garage, kitchen cabinets, or shed to find items to potentially create a prototype model. It may not have the ideal look, but it can be a great start to your invention idea. It can also be a great way to stay creative while stuck at home.

Inventors are naturally creative people. You might be afraid of going stir-crazy while stuck at home in order to remain safe during the Coronavirus outbreak. It’s important to stay motivated and active while practice social distancing, so focus your time and energy on your invention idea!

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